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Fengshui is not a religion; it’s not a belief….. It existed 3000 years ago, which has been used as formulas that formed solutions and remedies for almost everything, from war strategies to wellness of living.

It’s all about the secrets of the metaphysic calculation of both the heaven and earth energies, which we have called it FengShui.

And these underlying secrets had been well kept by the imperial librarian belonging to the Imperial and Royal Families of the Dynasty kingdom, Dynasty after dynasty of many late Emperors in China. Accordingly to ancient historical findings, Emperors build their palace with 4 gates and 9 inner palaces. Other than strategizing for war victory, the other aspects for this design will lead to prosperity for the nation.

During Wars Chaos, this ancient arts was once lost, but been recovered again and passed down till today.

Consultant Profiles

Master Adam Cheong, grew up in the family of Mechanical Engineering, ever since young, he has a passion and interest of study and observing how things work, after school he always went to his father’s workshop to see what the workers were trying to produce during the whole production and manufacturing process. While at night, under his mother supervision, he studied for 3 hours daily before he was allowed to go to bed.

At the age of 21, after completing his national service, he pursued his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in Singapore Polytechnic. After which he worked as a Sales Engineer for several years, he went further to study for his Diploma in sales and marketing.

At 28 years old, he worked as a project manager and system integrator expert in the water engineering industries, involving with major projects in Singapore. In 2006, he started his own company, which provides design and consultancy service in water engineering industry to major clients from US and Japan companies.

In 2009, he happened to meet Grandmaster Francis Leyau, the fourth generation of T’an school of SanYuan Fengshui, who is the direct linage from Grandmaster Sui Beng, who holds the original text written by Great Grandmaster T’an Yang Wu, founder of the T’an school of SanYuan Fengshui. From the meeting opportunity, he became much interested and pursued the specialized Arts of Chinese Metaphysics under the direct lineage, undergoing training and mentoring by Grandmaster Francis Leyau at the Central Academy of Fengshui (CAFS), a world-wide certified school of Chinese Metaphysics. After the completion of professional mastery on Fengshui, Chinese Astrology, Art of Date Selection, Palmistry, Face Reading, Qi Men Dun Jia, he devotes much time exploring chinese metaphysics as concerned subjects in life.

Since then, Master Cheong continues to make strong efforts into conducting researches, case studies, traveling for exploration and observations, practicing Fengshui and other related subjects in chinese metaphysics field. And thanks to that, all efforts in this area produce proven results and track records.

From 2014, Master Cheong, a full-time consultant and instructor in this area. At the same time, Grandmaster Francis Leyau setting direction into Vietnam, directing Master Adam Cheong venture into VietNam, as another location for learning Fengshui and Chinese Metaphysics for people who have interests and passion in mastering the true arts and inheriting to the next generation of geomancers.

Presently, Master Cheong provides vast consultancy services in fengshui audit and alteration, fengshui design and build projects, life destiny analysis, home and office fengshui and so forth to clients from Singapore and Vietnam. Up till now (2023) Master Cheong has provided his consultancy directly and indirectly for more than 500 cases in both yang and yin fengshui including more than 150 xuan kong da gua door tilting projects and successfully solved many complicated cases with paranormal issues, and almost 800 cases for life destiny analysis and personal development orientation. At the same time, he also personally conducted 20 in depth training courses for international students from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam under Zen Fengshui Consultancy and has been recognised and certified as the core instructor for CAFS in Singapore and Vietnam.

Testimonials and Appreciation which Master Cheong has achieved, highly recognized and appreciated in FengShui and Chinese Metaphysics by his clients. (See the testimonies)


Master Hai Duong Le Ms Hai Duong Le’s initial backgrounds are in business administration management and human resource management and has more than 17 years of working experience in operation management and human resource management for international organizations. Since she has a great passion in Chinese metaphysics, she has studied substantial numbers of fengshui and bazi books and acquired profound knowledges of fengshui and bazi from well known and reputable masters in Malaysia and Singapore. With nearly 10 years (up to 2023) of practitioning experience in Chinese metaphysics, specializing in xuan kong flying stars and xuan kong da gua fengshui, bazi/four pillars, and I-Ching, she finally ventured out from her initial profession to further excel her skills and to fulfil her commitment to work as a full time researcher, practitioner, instructor and consultant of yang fengshui, bazi, date selections, I-ching (casting gua for prediction). So far, she has been providing consultancy in fengshui exterior and interior design, fengshui audit, and fengshui remedies and alteration for few hundreds of landed properties, condo units, apartment units, business offices, commercial retailed shops as well as in personal SWOT (strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats) analysis and  development plan, recruitment and workforce restructuring, as well as personal coaching for a huge number of her clients from individuals to business corporates in Vietnam, Singapore, Germany, and Australia in person and from distance. Her client networks are included high ranking status in society, celebrities, and high educated ones. Additionally, she also has conducted several training courses on bazi for local students. And she have been found as an accountable and reliable resource of advisory and teaching to her network of clients and students.

Besides that with her good personality, she is one of the best students of master Adam Cheong-the principal consultant of Zen Fengshui, and has been selected by him to be passed down his fengshui lineage and a co-founder and consultant of Zen Fengshui to look after the Vietnam market where she bases.

Testimonials and Appreciation which Ms Hai Duong Le has achieved, highly recognized and appreciated in Fengshui and Bazi, Iching by her clients. (See the testimonies)