testimonial from our client

admin01 | 26/03/2021

Client just shared to us they received a certificate for an award of the best art gallery in 2021 in Singapore, this award was given by the Tatler Singapore, which belongs to Tatler Asia Group, is the region’s leading luxury media company, where produces some of the most iconic magazines, […]

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Xuan Kong Da Gua Door Tilting method benefits with fast impact

admin01 | 11/12/2020

Few months ago we did the fengshui door tilting and alteration for this client’s house. Along with it, we also made some fengshui correctness and remedies in his office, today he rang to inform that he just got a S$600K contract. it was so glad to hear that great news […]

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Do auspicious/un auspicious days play important roles in Feng Shui date selection?

admin01 | 11/12/2020

Question: Do the auspicious and un auspicious days in the Tong Shu calendar play important roles in Feng Shui date selection? Answer: The auspicious and un auspicious days in Tong Shu is for general purposes, it doesn’t mean auspicious days or un auspicious days in Tong Shu that will be […]

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The importance of seeking Feng Shui Advisor for shop house selection in advance before doing business

admin01 | 02/12/2020

Why before you rent a shop house for doing business, you should seek for advice from a reliable source of fengshui consultancy?   Firstly, you will be in active position rather than passive position. Do you understand what we mean? It means before determining to rent any site if you […]

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(Tiếng Việt) Thông báo tuyển sinh khóa học Tứ Trụ thực hành

admin01 | 21/08/2019

Thông báo tuyển sinh khóa học Tứ Trụ thực hành Bắt đầu từ trung tuần tháng 9 năm 2019 Zen Phong Thủy sẽ tổ chức khóa học Tứ trụ thực hành 04 ngày tại Hà Nội dành cho những học viên đã qua lớp Tứ trụ cơ bản mà Zen […]

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Some photos from our recent course of bazi

admin01 | 23/07/2019

During this month (July 2019), Zen Feng Shui has successfully organised the course of fundamental bazi in Hanoi. Regardless the high heat of the summer and hectic schedules from work and life, our students have participated into our 2 days-course pro-actively, enthusiastically with their strong love of learning BaZi. In […]

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Some expression sharing from our student after attending our course

admin01 | 21/06/2019

This is one of the best performed students during our recent course of Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui, a young sergeant police officer. Being asked why he is interested in learning fengshui, his answer is he has been interested in this art since he was a kid, but only […]

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Testimonial-Making Impossible Possible

admin01 | 24/05/2019

Testimonial-Making Impossible Possible Here is another testimonial from one among many clients of ours, who is an Indian/Hindu, had entrusted us his house with our highest Xuan Kong Da Gua FengShui (XKDG FS) Mastery, the stories gone far back years then with much studies were involved in the preparation process […]

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Announcement for Bazi fundamental course’ student enrolment

admin01 | 20/04/2019

Zen Feng Shui would like to announce for recruiting new students for our fundamental Bazi Tuition Course, which will be held tentatively in 2 days during the mid-week of July in Hanoi. This course has been tailor-made specially for people who is interested to acquire the true knowledge of Bazi; and […]

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Text book of Xuan Kong Da Gua from CAFS (Central Academy of Feng Shui) has been copied and published illegally in Vietnam

admin01 | 07/03/2019

In Vietnam there are a number of people doing fengshui collecting text books from some well-known masters through which way then translating them into Vietnamese and publishing them to the public for commercial purposes. It is not right and in fact it is really a very bad deed and it […]

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