Having river canal, high floor, airy and windy. Perception is good FS, true or not?

admin01 | 05/11/2018

Question : Having river canal, high floor, airy and windy. Perception is good FS. Answer : Not necessary, if unit is too windy, it will cause a disturbance in qi stability and storage of qi, while river equal to wealth that will greatly be emphasized on the intersection of activation […]

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Outdoor practical training for our students

admin01 | 02/11/2018

Our master/instructor were guiding our students of Xuan Kong Da Gua Fengshui Tuition Course to apply their knowldeges and acquired skills to examine the surrounding landform, identify findings and analyse our client’s house. House sitting in Zi, facing in Wu, belong to the Kun Wei Di (坤 位 地). In […]

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Do we need to pray to our parents or grandparents or ancestors at home/ or just need to pray to them during lunar new year, their death aniversary, Qing Ming or 7th month???

admin01 | 05/04/2018

Given that Qing Ming season is in the air and according to the chinese tradition, it is the season for us to visit our ancestors’ tombs, we would like to share our answer for some common concerns related to Qing Ming from our clients with those that may find this […]

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how to determine the sitting of a house in special designed building in modern life

admin01 | 24/01/2018

Question : How do we determine the sitting of the house, isn’t it by door direction or just by sitting of the building? Answer : There are many ways to determine the sitting of the house, different schools of thoughts teach differently, and there is no fixed and hard rules […]

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Door grill

admin01 | 22/01/2018

Question : What kind of door grill is most suitable for installation when relates to relevancy on FengShui as Qi Mouth? Answer : There are two points I would mention here. Firstly about the material of the door grill, as the standard norm, most high-rise apartment do come with wrought […]

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Myth vs Truth: is this number 13 unlucky?

admin01 | 20/01/2018

In many apartment/office buildings worldwide including in vietnam, the developers have removed the number 13 out of their development property floor numbers, as they and the majorities believe the number 13 is the unlucky number. Is this true or not? In the chinese metaphysics in a general speaking and fengshui […]

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How important of the lunar calendar is in chinese metaphysics

admin01 | 19/01/2018

Recently we received one request for bazi consultancy and that person provided us her lunar birthday, which is 26th of December in Jia Zi year. To convert into the solar calendar, her solar birthday is 15th Feb 1985. Accordingly her birth year is Yi Chou not Jia Zi like she […]

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admin01 | 19/01/2018

According to the East Asian customs, before the lunar new year every family go to have their houses new looks, some do renovation, or some just do decluttering. In fact to make the house tiny and clean should be done in a regular basic, not only to do only one […]

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Manegtic interference with installation of electronic lock on the main door

admin01 | 12/01/2018

Question : We would like to install a electronic door lock for our new house, is it advisable in the view of FengShui? Answer : Although this is a convenient way for house owner to gain accessing the entrance anytime and considered as a safer way for security, but truly […]

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