Zen is originally from Japan which means meditation and it is worldwide known as the way of buddhist meditation practicing for enlightenment, wisdom, living harmony with nature, for balance and peace. In other words, it is the core of the backbone in Buddhism.


Although FengShui and Buddhism are not related, but they have thousands of years in practice, and we have chosen Zen FengShui for our identity as by the same concept of Zen in the Buddhism the applications and methods of FengShui that we apply and provide in our services, in our consultations and in our teachings are purely authentic and the core of the backbone of the ancient Chinese metaphysics.





Just four days you can know how to operate and apply Feng Shui easily and quickly.


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Consult: +84 989738182


Consult: +84 989738182

Consult: +84 989738182


Consult: +84 989738182

Consult: +84 989738182

Consult: +84 989738182

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(Tiếng Việt) Thông báo tuyển sinh khóa học Tứ Trụ thực hành

admin01 | 21/08/2019

Thông báo tuyển sinh khóa học Tứ Trụ thực hành Bắt đầu từ trung tuần tháng 9 năm 2019 Zen Phong Thủy sẽ tổ chức khóa học Tứ trụ thực hành 04 ngày tại Hà Nội dành cho những học viên đã qua lớp Tứ trụ cơ bản mà Zen […]

Some photos from our recent course of bazi

admin01 | 23/07/2019

During this month (July 2019), Zen Feng Shui has successfully organised the course of fundamental bazi in Hanoi. Regardless the high heat of the summer and hectic schedules from work and life, our students have participated into our 2 days-course pro-actively, enthusiastically with their strong love of learning BaZi. In […]

Some expression sharing from our student after attending our course

admin01 | 21/06/2019

This is one of the best performed students during our recent course of Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui, a young sergeant police officer. Being asked why he is interested in learning fengshui, his answer is he has been interested in this art since he was a kid, but only […]

Testimonial-Making Impossible Possible

admin01 | 24/05/2019

Testimonial-Making Impossible Possible Here is another testimonial from one among many clients of ours, who is an Indian/Hindu, had entrusted us his house with our highest Xuan Kong Da Gua FengShui (XKDG FS) Mastery, the stories gone far back years then with much studies were involved in the preparation process […]

Announcement for Bazi fundamental course’ student enrolment

admin01 | 20/04/2019

Zen Feng Shui would like to announce for recruiting new students for our fundamental Bazi Tuition Course, which will be held tentatively in 2 days during the mid-week of July in Hanoi. This course has been tailor-made specially for people who is interested to acquire the true knowledge of Bazi; and […]

Text book of Xuan Kong Da Gua from CAFS (Central Academy of Feng Shui) has been copied and published illegally in Vietnam

admin01 | 07/03/2019

In Vietnam there are a number of people doing fengshui collecting text books from some well-known masters through which way then translating them into Vietnamese and publishing them to the public for commercial purposes. It is not right and in fact it is really a very bad deed and it […]

fengshui marathon day for 3 fengshui projects

admin01 | 28/11/2018

Such a fengshui marathon day for us, within 18 hours continuously from 9 am of the 27th Nov to 3am of the 28th Nov 18, we have conducted three xuan kong da gua fengshui projects from different sites, minus sometimes for lunch n dinner break and movements. Here are some […]

Why our students choose to learn from Zen Feng Shui

admin01 | 22/11/2018

Every lesson our students learnt in the class room, every ourdoor practising activities our students took, every project our students are tagged along for learning at sites, they have found so much interesting and unique stories from case to case,  and equipped themselves with very profound skills and in-depth knowledges […]

Outdoor activities for Zen FengShui/CAFS students

admin01 | 20/11/2018

Nowadays there are various types of made-made mixed with natural landforms and complexity of property designs in the modern world, therefore, in order to see, figure out where the dragon & qi come, flow, and is stored, which are extreme external important indicators for any fengshui findings, analysis, solutions and […]

Flying star chart for the year of Ji Hai 2019 and what u need to know

admin01 | 06/11/2018

As usual, before a few months to end of this Wu Xu year, we would like to share with you guys the next year-Ji Hai’s Flying Stars Chart for 8 directions, which will commence from 10.14 am of the 4th Feb 2019 until 4.02pm of the 4th Feb 2020. For […]

Many people had misunderstood that if they have good FengShui house, they have everything, and the explanation is given below, beside karma issues.

admin01 | 05/11/2018

Question : Many people had misunderstood that if they have good FengShui house, they have everything, and the explanation is given below, beside karma issues. Answer : We human are small universe, have our own sources of energies, likewise for landscape in term of period earthly timing, and heavenly timing […]


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