Haunted house

bictweb | 30/12/2017

Question : Received from many cases from poor clients, our house is haunted, can you help us, everything including our luck, health, career and biz is going down now, but some said (we did often go to church), (we have altar at home praying to various Gods), and its still […]

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Date selection for moving in/renovation

bictweb | 28/12/2017

Question : Do we need to select a good date from FengShui perspective or we can just based on religion, or from Thong Shu for moving in / renovation. Answer : The profound part in Date Selection (DS) is the application, and not on the date itself. There are different […]

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Differences of fengshui remedy and alteration

bictweb | 27/12/2017

Question : What is the difference between remedy of house fengshui and alteration of house fengshui (fs)?   Answer : Remedy of house fs is basically to remedy the existing house fs which sector have some conflicts or bad energies effect, however the existing effect remains accordingly to the house […]

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flying star charts for the year of wu xu 2018 & the important things to take note

admin01 | 07/12/2017

The Great Snow just started today and remarks nearly two more months to end the year of Ding You, the year of Wu Xu will commence. As usual, we kindly share with you the annual flying star and monthly flying star charts of the new year of Wu Xu and […]

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Peach blossom activation

bictweb | 27/11/2017

Question : How I can activate my taohua in my house? Is this true to hang a painting with peach blossom symbol in a bedroom that will enhance the peach blossom luck? (Often raised by worried ladies than men)   Answer : We can activate the taohua for you upon […]

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When is suitable for making baby

bictweb | 10/11/2017

Question : When its the good time for me to give birth? (Lady client’s question), is there a different if I chose to give birth at 2x or 3x???   Answer : Upon checking on your life chart, what we are going to do here is, other than minimizing all […]

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Some photos of Zen FengShui’s door tilting projects done so far

bictweb | 27/10/2017

Here are some photos of some projects which we have applied xuan kong da gua door tilting method and castle gate theory in the xuan kong doctine to change the house fengshui formations for tapping and enhancing auspicious qi for long term benefits to the owners in 2016 & 2017

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the impact of telecommunication equipments

bictweb | 25/10/2017

The topic we mentioned in this post is about telecommunication equipment, as shown as in the photo. Recently this one was the reason caused considerable damages of electrical appliances and equipments such as TV, aircons, lights, electrical rolling doors and so forth from thunderly heavy rain attack for a number […]

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bictweb | 28/09/2017

Common issue raised, how important is the stove when talking about its direction and effect in house Fengshui if we plan to change, or not to. Answer : Stove is the 2nd priority in house FS, Stove effect will be on issues such as wealth, career advancement, and sickness. Good […]

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3 door design in a house

bictweb | 28/08/2017

Question : Whats the different between opening of a single door design, and a 3 door design in a house? Answer : A standard single door design which is quite general way in the distribution of qi, however this is not a quick and fast rule in determining the sitting […]

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