bictweb | 28/08/2017

While we have encountered cases regarding staircases to be built in the house, and at the same time, there are clients who asked us on these concerning issues regarding type of staircase to be used. Answer : First and foremost, for private houses houses, qi is moved by calculation of […]

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bictweb | 28/07/2017

Question : Where should I place my altar? Normally what I heard is the behind of the altar must have a wall???   Answer : When we place a altar, we must know where should be the sitting of the house. We should also be considering the auspicious sector sitting […]

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How to give a name for a newborn?

bictweb | 28/06/2017

Recently we have some clients who came for seeking my advice on choosing good names for their infant babies. One of them is an expatriate, who is quite young but already very successful in his diplomatic career. When we met him, the first question we asked him was that why […]

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bictweb | 28/05/2017

Airwell is not only rare in the old style houses, garden house in rural areas, but also popular now in many landed properties, apartment units in cities. There were a few clients which have asked us that whether is it good to have airwell design in the house? Will it […]

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Should have a fish tank in your house?

bictweb | 28/04/2017

Question : Master, where should I put my fish tank, and good location to put the fish tank in my house? Answer : Yes, there is/are sector(s) in your house where you can install running water, but not preferrable with fish(es). As when the annual or monthly later heaven qi […]

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Will lift upgrading affect my house Fengshui?

bictweb | 28/03/2017

Question : Will Lift Upgrading affect my house fengshui? Answer: Yes and No, generally house magnetic energy is quite stablized, the very day you moved in after renovation will create a new life luck for the house according to the period as well as the date of effect, we called […]

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Wall panting color impact in fengshui

bictweb | 27/02/2017

Question :   Do we need to consider which color to paint for the house, will it affect the house FS? Answer :   Apparently, there is no direct answer which can be drawn to a definite answer to this question. However, Our Past Lineage GrandMasters did some “Test” on […]

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Should or should not attend a wake or sending off ceremony

bictweb | 27/01/2017

Question : Often Received, “Can I attend to wakes or sending off ceremony, will it crash or affect my luck?”   Answer : if your birthday is all yin energies, the anwere is you should avoid to attend these ceremonies. Otherwise if you are attending a wake, that is generally […]

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House near corner of the road, cross junction…

bictweb | 28/12/2016

Question : Will it better to choose house which near corner of the road, or near any cross junction, or those centre units? Answer : This rely on the period of the estate is built, as well as the move in period. In olden doctrine of FS, there are records whereby tendency […]

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What are the suitable career for you/your children?

admin01 | 25/11/2016

Part 2: what are the suitable career for you/your children? How many of you and parents are not thinking that universities are not the only and the best solution for you and your children career development? maybe it is just a few percentage of people in general and parents in […]

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